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Powerful business acceleration. It starts with you.

For the real entrepreneur. In your area, start a Boomerang with us. Generate income by helping local and regional entrepreneurs network, grow and gain additional sales.

3 reasons to start with Boomerang now

Increase your sales

Increase sales for your existing organization. Generate additional income with your collective in the region. Build residual income while helping your members grow their businesses and hel develop their businesskills.

4 bestuursleden van een Boomerang Collectief

Strengthen your network

A strong network is the foundation for successful entrepreneurship. The larger, stronger and more trusted your network, the faster you will find the right people. More relationships, referrals and sales will grow your business.

Develop your skills

Boomerang provides structure. We provide systems and training. As a franchisee, you take the initiative and reach out to people. We help you grow your collective. Not only in quantity, but especially with quality partners.

7 extra reasons to do so with Boomerang!

At Boomerang Business Collective, the groups are set up and managed by Certified Boomerang Consultants. You can do it alongside your regular day time job or business. Grow multiple Collectives and make it your full-time occupation! Becoming a Certified Boomerang Consultant with Boomerang has some huge benefits, here are the 7 most important ones:

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1. Entrepreneurship with support:

As a Ceritfied Boomerang Consultant, you are an independent contractor, but you will receive support from our professional organization. You benefit from the strong Boomerang name, reputation, marketing and advertising campaigns. In addition, we are especially good at training. Training our members, leadershipteams and various positions in the Collectives.
Above all, we are good at training you: the Boomerang Consultant.

2. Proven concept:

Boomerang Business Collective stands as a brick house. The proven concept and team have built a very successful track record over the past 15 years. This makes it more likely that your business will be successful as well.

3. Benefits of scale:

The business network can offer advantages in procurement, production, distribution and other business aspects. As a franchisee, you enjoy these benefits that you might not otherwise have been able to realize as an individual entrepreneur.

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4. Lower start-up costs:

Because the concept is already developed, you don’t have to build everything from scratch yourself and you don’t spend money on research, development and marketing. For everything that has been built and the guidance you receive, financial investment is minimal. In fact, as soon as you’ve set up your first Collective you are already break-even and start to make a profit.

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5. Risk diversification:

By being part of Boomerang Business Collective, you limit the risk of your business. Are you starting multiple Collectives? Then you also spread out these risks as well.
As an individual entrepreneur, you are more vulnerable to economic setbacks or unexpected changes in the market.

6. Opportunities for growth and development:

Have you started your first Collective and is it going well? Then you can expand the business and start multiple Collectives. This will help drive the growth and development of your business.

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7. By far the nicest business networking organization and colleagues:

At Boomerang, we set high standards for the enthusiasm and positive attitude of our employees and Boomerang Consultants. Building and managing Collectives takes time and energy. We should make it fun together. We don’t have time to concern ourselves with sourpusses, grumblers and whiners. (Note, don’t confuse this with positive constructive criticism! That’s always welcome)

Become a Franchisee of Boomerang?

In short, as a franchisee with Boomerang, you enjoy the benefits of entrepreneurship, but with the support of an established organization. We offer franchise regions starting with 1 million population or start with a 5-pack offer and build your first 5 locations. Claim your region now. There can only be one franchisee per region.

Do you like the idea of starting a Collective? Feel free to get in touch.
Or better yet, schedule an appointment with Aqil Radjab right away!

Do you like the idea of starting a Collective? Feel free to get in touch.
Or better yet, schedule an appointment with Aqil Radjab right away!