Professional. Together Boomerang.

The local business network for engaged entrepreneurs. A collective where valuable relationships are built on the basis of reciprocity. Where we enhance each other’s qualities and expertise. For the success of your business.

This is how Boomerang works

Step 1
Build your local business network during our weekly meetings.

Step 2
Develop yourself, get to know other members well and help each other get more business. They do the same for you.

Step 3
Your decication returns as succes It pays off!

Stories from Boomerang members

  • Boomerang

    Frits Castelijns

    Puntscherp Printing Experts

    “A strong network, like Boomerang, is the key to growth and success for Puntscherp”
    Read the story of Frits
  • Boomerang

    André Driessen

    André Driessen tekst, training & advice

    “With that knowledge in your baggage, you can be each other’s ambassador”
    Read the story of André
  • Boomerang

    Jaïr Sambo

    Certified Services

    “It is encouraging to be part of a community that supports each other and strives together for success”
    Read the story of Jaïr