Boomerang code of ethics


We believe at Boomerang that integrity is the foundation of successful business. We pride ourselves on not only striving for business success, but doing so ethically. In doing so, we assume honesty, integrity and responsibility in all our business activities.

This Code of Conduct is not just a document; it is our guide to creating a corporate culture based on ethical standards that go beyond mere adherence to the strict letter of the law. We believe this is how we can excel and build the highest level of trust with our customers, partners and employees.

Our Code of Ethics provides clear guidelines and expectations for everyone involved with Boomerang. Thus, the code of conduct applies not only to our members and franchisees but also to management, employees, suppliers and partners.

In view of the above, we observe the following arrangements:

We treat each other with integrity
When we say we are doing something we do it.
Where appropriate, we treat information and knowledge of fellow members’ businesses confidentially. We respect each other’s boundaries.

Our commitment and course of action is professional
We continue to contribute to both our individual and group development.
In case of any challenge with the members of the Collective, we take initiative to resolve it. We meet the requirements and conditions set for our profession.

We are caring
We listen to each other.
We take a positive attitude toward the guests and members of Boomerang.
We are willing to support and help each other.