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Strengthen your network. Every day. It pays off.

Start today. Stop by, get acquainted and discover the benefits to your success. Find a collective near you, make the connection and start improving your business immediately.

3 reasons to schedule your visit to Boomerang now with no obligation:

hou het Simpel

This letter is rather long because I didn’t have time to make it shorter

– Blaise Pascal – 1623-1662 –
– French mathematician, physicist and philosopher –

This famous phrase actually perfectly sums up how Boomerang’s systems, structure and strategy came about. Indeed, we did take that time. And we took all the fuss out of it. What we do is simple, focused and consistent! Always.
The team has decades of experience in business networking. Through all this experience, we have distilled what it takes to network in the most effective way. From the elevator pitch to our meeting agenda items. These are all very simple steps to take that together produce the desired results. More referrals for members.

Expand your network

Members of the local Boomerang Collective enjoy meeting new people. With so many local well-known business owners and guests, chances are you will expand your network substantially this morning.
At the request of Quest magazine, the Dutch University of Utrecht and Radboud University conducted research in 2021 on how many people the average person knows. What do you think?

540 people! Quite a few. And most Boomerang Collectives have more than 25 members. So that means you can reach 25 x 540 = 13,500 people through those members. Most locally.
Okay, there may be some overlap, but 10,000 for sure. Through the existing members, you’ll also have a warm introduction to all those connections. Now that’s expanding your network!

Feeling welcome, close to home

We really enjoy hosting guests. In fact. The meeting is more fun, energetic and valuable when guests are present.

As a guest with us, you will be informed in advance how the meeting works. We will welcome you upon arrival and before, during and after the meeting you will be accompanied by local entrepreneurs.
You’ll experience how a Boomerang meeting works. You can briefly introduce yourself and your company so everyone knows who you are and what you do. Afterwards, you will see that there are always opportunities and possibilities to talk further or make follow-up appointments.

If this way of networking turns out to be for you, we will be happy to tell you how to apply for membership. Either way we will make sure you have a awesome morning!

Experience Boomerang. Visit us

3 different ways to connect with Boomerang:

    1. Schedule your visit directly to a Boomerang collective near you
    2. Get more information from your local Boomerang Consultant
    3. Contact Boomerang Headquarters and explore all the possibilities.

Do you like the idea of starting a Collective? Feel free to get in touch.
Or better yet, schedule an appointment with Aqil Radjab right away!

Do you like the idea of starting a Collective? Feel free to get in touch.
Or better yet, schedule an appointment with Aqil Radjab right away!

Contacting and visiting a collective